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Thank you for visiting our E-commerce experience. We are looking forward to serve you as a valued client. We suggest that you get to know the Team and study “Read before buying“.  Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Support.

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Whether you are new to crypto mining or have some experience, we have the best crypto mining experts & industry partners to help you on your way Talk to an Expert or download the Beginners guide.

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We have a strong commitment to help other operators with a reliable supplychain it doesn’t matter if you looking for a bulk order or that you are a Wholereseller. We got your back. Learn more

Special offer for 1246 Canaan 90/93 Th/s?

The new and improve Avalon Made A1246 comes with a hash rate of 90 TH/s or 93 TH/s and a power consumption of 3420 Watts.

Need new S19j, S19 XP, S19 Pro+ Bitcoin miners or other ASIC miners?

In the current market acis miner prices like S19j, S19 Xp, S19 Pro+ Bitcoin miners change daily. Please Request a Quote” from us and we are happy to find you a good deal.

Refurbished Bitmain S19 Antminer & ASIC Miners!

It’s difficult to find good-priced S19 Bitcoin miners or other ASIC miners in this volatile market. Currently, there is a huge demand and not enough stock available. We recommend taking a look at refurbished or used miners.

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Welcome on our E-commerce platform We are looking forward to help beginners, professionals, and institutions in any PoW, and specific blockchain related inquiries. To help you on your way please use the section below to easily navigate to our “Products” or “Services”. In case you don’t find what you are looking for please contact our Support Team or “Talk to an Expert”. Our team is looking forward to help you on your way.

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To find reliable suppiers to procure crypto miners, and blockchain hardware can be quite challeging. Prices and the availability change daily, and are often obtainable through difficult pre-orders or delivered with a delay.

Because of that high in demand equipment or difficult to find equipment can be procured through our  “Request a Quote (RFQ)” process.  Where we negotiated the best deals from qualified and verified suppliers for you.

Other crypto miners, products and merchandise are shown with our latest price, and can easily be bought like any other E-commerce platform.

123Miners provides a range of services with its selected partners to improve the value and experience for it’s clients and wholesell partners.

Services  include: Hosting, Repair, Cloud Mining, and Consultancy services.  123Miners will soon launch Financing, Insurance, and Investment services with reputable partners.

123Miners has a strong believe that education is a key element of PoW, PoS and Blockchain adaptation, acceptance, utilization and value.

123Miners will launch various FREE & PAID courses & workshops on it’s own website and partner websites to contribute to the industry.

Currently our team and partners are working hard on the first Workshops & Courses for you to learn from.

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Self mining vs Cloud mining

In our opinion you should consider Self mining only if you have favorable conditions (Like low energy costs and low starting costs) or have the goal to operate more that 0.5 MW of miners. In any other case we recommend considering starting with “Cloud Mining“.

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What coins do you wish to mine/collect?

Selecting the right coin to mine/collect really depends on a few key factors.

  1. Your short or long-term strategy.
  2. Price of miners (Hardware) or Cloud Mining packages.
  3. Performance & energy usage of miners (Efficiency).
  4. The difficulty of mining.
  5. The future value of the coin you want to mine/collect.

Self mining or Cloudmining?

There are two main ways to create/collect your own crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The first option is to start with

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After you have selected the coin and mining method we suggest that you Request a Quote for the latest price and availability.

Our team will provide an accurate price as prices fluctate daily pending demand, availability and Bitcoin price.

Before you make an order we recommend that you check out our Preparation page or Talk to an expert.

Important: We don't show prices on our website as the market and availability is to volitile and prices can change from hour to hour or day to day. This way we insure we provide you with the best and most accurate price.

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News & Updates

Bitcoin 2023 was Amazing, Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville?

Bitcoin 2023 was Amazing, Bitcoin 2024 in Nashville?

Despite lower attendance compared to the previous year, Bitcoin 2023 received positive feedback on its quality, content, and engagement from attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. Notably, there was increased political presence from various countries, reflecting a growing interest in understanding the benefits and drawbacks of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining adoption. The focus was on exploring these technologies’ potential to address public issues and contribute to renewable energy infrastructure. Among the 18,000 attendees were partners, clients, and friends such as GRN Energy, Indonesia Digital Council, and Governor Ridwan Kamil. The conference took place in Miami Beach, Florida, from May 18-20, 2023.

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Discover the Best Kadena Mining Machines for Maximum Efficiency

Discover the Best Kadena Mining Machines for Maximum Efficiency

“With the rising popularity of Kadena as a promising cryptocurrency, more people are turning to Kadena mining as a profitable venture. To engage in Kadena mining, one requires specialized equipment known as a Kadena miner. However, with various options available in the market, it’s crucial to choose the right Kadena miner, considering the varying performance, power consumption, and other key features.”

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