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3 MW slots at $7.8 cents All-in now available.

Our team has worked tirelessly to create a secure and dependable colocation environment for our clients. We are proud to offer our services at a competitive rate of $7.8 cents per kWh, with a minimal MOQ of 10, and a deposit of 2 months plus an installation fee of $25 per miner. For this colocation we utilize renewable energy sources and our customers can expect exceptional 5-star customer service and a repair center.

As we continue to explore new opportunities in the market, we are committed to being selective in onboarding only quality clients. Interested customers are required to fill out a form on our website, and we will notify selected applicants within one week.

Our mission is to provide a secure and stable environment for miners to operate in, and we look forward to serving our valued customers in North America and beyond.

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