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D-Central and 123Miners Join Forces to Create Strategic Partnership for Crypto Mining in Canada

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Press release: 22nd of February 2023

D-Central and 123Miners Join Forces to Create Strategic Partnership for Crypto Mining in Canada

Toronto, Canada – D-Central, a leading provider of Bitcoin Mining Services, and 123Miners, the first E-commerce company that focuses on refurbishing Bitcoin and other crypto miners, are excited to announce their strategic partnership for Canada. This partnership will bring together the strengths of both companies to provide a comprehensive solution for crypto mining customers. The new partnership will create 1000 colocation slots for its customers in March 2023, read more.

D-Central will focus on the repair and after-sale service aspects of crypto mining, leveraging its expertise in ASIC mining equipment repair and maintenance, secure escrow services, and mining hosting with secure infrastructure. Meanwhile, 123Miners will focus on the procurement of equipment, offering safe and secure purchasing of crypto mining hardware, parts, equipment, and hosting services, while combating e-waste and unused capital losses.

Through this partnership, the two companies will create colocation opportunities for their customers. By working together, they will offer a more streamlined and efficient process for customers to optimize their mining operations, and maximize their profits and limit headaches.

“I am delighted to announce that as CEO of D-Central, we have joined forces with the brilliant minds of 123Miners to form an unbeatable partnership. In an industry where it can be difficult to find entrepreneurs who share our ideals, we have formed a forward-looking partnership. ASIC miner repair is in our DNA, and with the expertise of 123Miners as one of the largest refurbished hardware providers, we are ready to reach new heights,” said Jonathan Bertrand, CEO of D-Central. “This partnership offers endless potential for our customers, who will benefit from D-Central’s seamless repair process, ensuring that all repairs are completed within 14 days. With our combined strengths, we are confident that this partnership will exceed all expectations, and we look forward to seeing where it takes us.”

123Miners CEO, Harvey Blom added, “We are excited to join forces with D-Central to provide a complete solution for our customers. Our focus on refurbishing crypto miners and combating e-waste aligns perfectly with D-Central’s focus on repair and maintenance, making this partnership a perfect fit.”

Together, D-Central and 123Miners are committed to delivering high-quality multilingual services and products to their customers, while also contributing to the sustainability of the crypto mining industry.

For more information about D-Central and 123Miners, please visit their websites at and

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Jonathan Bertrand , CEO of D-Central
Phone: 1-855-753-9997
Email: [email protected]

Harvey Blom, CEO of 123Miners
Phone: +1 929 238 1754
Email: [email protected]

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