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Fault: When the mining machine is powered on, the mining machine has no response, the fan of the mining machine does not rotate, the network port lights and indicators are not on, and there is no light on the control panel.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1. First of all, you need to confirm whether there is a virtual connection in the entire line. (Re-insert all the plugs and confirm that they are plugged in tightly), if the fault still occurs, troubleshoot as follows.


2. Test the power socket with a multimeter. If there is no voltage, ask an electrician to check the circuit and air switch (if there is no multimeter, you can plug it in and replace the socket with the normal working socket to confirm).


3. If the voltage of the socket is normal, measure the output end of the power cord. If there is no voltage, replace the power cord.


4. If the output voltage of the power cord is normal, first disconnect the power output (all 12V lines), power on the power supply, and see if the power supply fan rotates.


5.If the power supply fan does not rotate, replace the power supply.


6. If the fan rotates, test the 12V DC output, if there is no 12V output, replace the power supply.


7. If there is 12V output, first disconnect the power supply, connect the 12V line of the control board (Don’t connect the computing board) to power on the power supply. If the fan of the miner and the light of the control board still do not respond, the control board is broken.


8. If the fan and control board lights are on, disconnect the power supply first, then connect all the 12V cables of the computing board, and then power on. If the miner still does not respond, it means that the computing board of the mining machine is short-circuited, and the mining machine should be repaired.

8.1 If the miner can run normally, but the problem still occurs after running for a period of time, it may be due to insufficient power load or high temperature protection.

8.2 Check whether the power supply meets the requirements of the mining machine. The power supply should have a certain margin. Generally, the output power of the power supply needs to be 20% higher than the rated power of the mining machine. If the power of the miner is insufficient, you need to replace the power supply with a higher power one.


9. The investigation is completed

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