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Part I:Preparing tools

1. Hardware: computer (WINDOWS system), TF card reader, TF card.


2. Software: Decompression tool (WINRAR recommended), D7 Card Flashing firmware.


Part II:Make TF card

1. Unzip the downloaded firmware, right-click the firmware, and select the unzip file.


2. After selecting the decompressed file, a new dialog box will pop up, just click OK.


3. After decompression, a folder with the same name as the compressed package will appear. The unzipped folder is ready to use.


4. Insert the memory card into the card reader and insert the card reader into the USB port of the computer.


5. After inserting, the computer will prompt the new device and display the disk letter corresponding to this TF card (the drive letter of this device is E), and record the drive letter.


6. Format the inserted memory card into FAT32 format, find the disk corresponding to the TF card (the drive letter E just recorded, namely the E disk), right-click on the E disk, and click Format.


7. After clicking format, a new dialog box will pop up (as shown in the figure below), in the drop-down menu of “File System”, select FAT32 (the default is FAT32), and then click “Start” to prepare for formatting.


8. Before formatting starts, a dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm to delete all data. If there is important data, you can save it first. If there is no important data, click “OK” to open the unzipped folder, select all and copy all the files in the folder. The internal files of the decompressed file are as follows:


9. The formatting process is relatively simple. Generally, after clicking confirm, there will be no response for about 2 seconds. You need to wait for a while. After the progress bar reaches the end, it will prompt that the formatting is completed, and you can directly confirm.


10. At this point, the preparations for the TF card have been completed. Open the decompressed folder, select all and copy all the files in the folder. The internal files of the decompressed file are as follows.


11. Copy the file to the root directory of the TF card.


12. After copying, confirm whether the content of the TF card is as shown in the figure, mainly confirm the file name, file size and number of files.


13. After confirmation, the TF card is completed. At this time, you can unplug the TF card from the computer for use.

Part III:Brush

1. Power off the miner (or separate control board), and insert the prepared TF card.


2. Power on the miner (control board).


3. After the power is turned on, the status of the indicator lights: the two lights are always on for about 3-5 seconds, the two lights are off for about 10 seconds, and the green light is always on.

a. Card Flashing status double lights on


b. Card Flashing status double lights off


c. The status of Card Flashing completion is steady green light


4. The green light is always on, which means the Card Flashing is over. At this time, you can power off and pull out the TF card. To pull out the memory card, you need to press the memory card inward first, the memory card will partially pop out, and then pull it out.

3-6-1.png 3-6-2.png

5. After unplugging the TF card, power on the control board again, and log in to the background after powering on to check whether it is the Card Flashing version.


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