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Precautions for use of PSU. This applies to all APW series PSU.

12 Do’s to Follow:

1. As there are more than a dozen different types of AC power plugs and sockets worldwide, we do not sell or supply an AC cable/power cord with our PSUs. Purchase one that compatible with your local power outlets and adheres to your local standards. Our APW series uses the C13 cord (normal desktop power cord).

  • The power cord must be at least 10 A.
  • Length should be 1.5 m or less.
  • Cross sectional area of cable’s copper conductor should not be smaller than 1 mm2

2. Ensure that your local voltage and power outlets are compatible with the requirements of the PSU and miners. The output voltage from the power outlet/socket should meet the PSU’s voltage requirement (starting voltage).

Make sure the input voltage of the PSU has to be between 210 V to 240 V. The output voltage of the PSU has to fulfill what’s required by the ANTMINERs.

3. Inspect and ensure that the PSU is in good conditions and has not suffered any damages during shipping before using it; otherwise, it cannot be used.

4. Make sure that PSU is grounded/earthed properly.

5. Install lightning protection; otherwise, all equipment may be damaged if struck by lightning.

6. Install the PSU in a dust-free environment with unobstructed air circulation.

7. Derate the PSU as can greatly prolong its lifespan.

  • We recommend that the loading power does not exceed 90% of the rated power of PSU.

8. Keep the PSU temperature below 50 degrees Celsius. The PSU’s half life shortened every time the temperature is increased by 10 degrees Celsius.

9. Connect the positive ports and negative ports of D/C power 6-pin connectors to the miner’s control board and hash boards correctly.

*NOTE: Yellow – Positive; Black – Negative

10. Also check that power cables at the PSU terminal screwed tightly.

11. The power supply of APW9 and APW12 series all-in-one miners requires dual power cords. After the two power sockets need to supply power at the same time, the power supply can output. If only one is inserted, the power supply has no output.
12. The APW12 power supply is divided into two power supply standards, which are distinguished by the model, namely APW12-1215a/b/c and APW12-1417a/b/c. The two are not universal. Please be sure to adapt when replacing the power supply.

5 Don’ts to Follow:

1. Do not plug or unplug power connectors of the PSU while PSU is being powered. Make sure power has been cut off first before plugging or unplugging. Voltaic arcs generated by excessive DC can damage DC output terminals and pose a fire hazard.

2. Do not use the PSU in an enclosed or confined place. Any items blocking the air flow of the PSU is prohibited.

3. The PSU also cannot be placed in an environment where there is high condensation or high level of salt content and humidity in the air.

4. Do not attempt to power a PSU that appears to be damaged.

5. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the PSU by yourself. If you found anything amiss with your PSU, troubleshoot or return to us for repair.

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