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In our mining machine configuration, we often see this function, but many small partners do not understand this function, so what is the function of this function? How to set it up? What should I pay attention to when using it? Below we address these questions.


1. The function of the fan speed percentage is explained.

The fan speed percentage is to adjust the fan speed according to the percentage of the maximum fan speed. But it should be noted that the minimum fan speed can only be adjusted to 1000 rpm, and the actual speed of the fan has a certain deviation.

2. How to enable this function?

Just fill in the value of the percentage in the back box, and check the previous check box and click Save. After saving, you need to restart the miner to take effect


3. If this function is not checked, how is the fan speed of the miner controlled?
In fact, the fan of the miner is automatically adjusted according to the temperature by default. When designing the mining machine, engineers will simulate the optimal fan speed curve to ensure that the mining machine works at the best temperature.

4. What should I pay attention to when using this function?
In fact, we do not recommend using this function, the default is the optimal solution for automatic fan adjustment. When the temperature is high, the fan will rotate at a high speed to enhance heat dissipation, and when the temperature is low, the fan will reduce the speed to maintain the temperature. If you adjust it manually, if the speed is adjusted too low, the miner will get high temperature; if the speed is adjusted too high, the power consumption of the miner will be increased, and when the speed is fixed, the miner will be easily affected by external temperature changes, resulting in instability. Uncheck this function if it is not necessary.

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