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We listed some possible causes and solutions for your reference.

  1. IP is incorrect

This happens a lot when you just moved the mining farm or running second-hand miners.

Solution: reset the miner to factory setting and use the IP report to get a new IP.

  1. An incompatible browser or a browser with excessive cache

Solution: use different browsers to test and we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox. Clear the cache. If not succeed, use a different PC or laptop.

  1. The password is wrong

This occurs when you have changed the default password.

Solution: enter the correct password or reset the miner and use default password “root”.

  1. Conflict MAC address

The MAC addresses of the two miners are the same, causing the IP addresses obtained to be the same. The two miners will be abnormal alternately.

Solution: Try to restore the miner to the factory setting or upgrade the latest firmware version; S9i can upgrade firmware version fix_mac.tar.gz. to fix the duplicate MAC issue.

  1. Conflict IP address

One of the miners uses DHCP to obtain the dynamic IP address, which conflicts with the other miner that has the same IP address configured by using the static way.

Solution: use DHCP to obtain a new IP address.

  1. Network anomaly

Solution: Ping the miner’s IP address. If it can’t be pinged, check and make sure:

  • the router configuration is normal;
  • the DHCP server is enabled;
  • assignable IP addresses in the DHCP address pool is set in a proper range;
  • the computer network port, the miner’s network port, and the switch network port indicator are normal.

You can try to restart the computer and network equipment. Test the ethernet cable, the switch port, and the switch or the router.

  1. The control board has an issue

Solution: a. reset the control board; b. use the SD card to recover the program; c. replace with a good known one.

  1. The miner has been hacked 

Web page 80 port of the miner might be edited or the login in password will be changed if the miner gets attacked. Read the following article for more information:

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