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Abnormal Performance

Can enter the backstage, but the interface has no data.

Reasons and Solutions

  1. The network is abnormal or the setting is wrong. When the miner cannot be connected to the external network when it is turned on, the interface of the miner is not displayed. Generally, network errors can be found in the log. It is necessary to check whether the network cable is normally connected to the external network, and whether the IP settings or the settings of the mining pool are correct.
  2. High temperature protection. When the miner starts, the temperature is high, so the miner is protected automatically, and the high temperature protection notification can be found in the log. Generally, it can be solved by increasing ventilation, adding exhaust fans, adding water curtains, and hot and cold insulation to reduce the ambient temperature.
  3. The PIC is abnormal. The abnormal PIC is usually accompanied by a high temperature notification from the log, but the actual temperature is not high. After repeated analysis, this problem is generally caused by the corrosion of the temperature sensor circuit and needs to be repaired.
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