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When the miner is powered on, the miner has no response, the fan of the miner does not turn, and the network port light does not light up.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1. First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether there is a virtual connection in the whole line (all plugs are need to be re-inserted, and confirm that they are inserted tightly. Note that both power cord sockets need to be confirmed). If the fault still occurs, check as follows.

*Note: The power supply of the 17 and 19 series all-in-one machines requires dual power cords. Only After the two power cords need to supply power are powered at the same time, the power supply can has output. If only one is inserted, the power supply has no output.


2. Check whether the power supply fan rotates. If the fan does not rotate, you need to check the power supply circuit.


3. The power supply line should start from the socket.Check the power supply line from the socket. Use a multimeter to measure the socket and both sockets need to be measured. If there is no voltage, ask an electrician to check the line and air switch (if there is no multimeter, it can be plugged in and replaced replace with a normal working socket to confirm).


4. If the voltages of the corresponding sockets of the two power cords are normal, measure the output terminals of the two power cords. If there is no voltage, replace the corresponding power cords (if there is no multimeter, try to replace the power cords directly).


5. If the voltage is normal, replace the power supply.

6. If the power supply fan rotates, but the miner does not turn on. First disconnect the power supply, open the miner and the upper cover of the power supply, unplug the power cord of the control board, power on the power supply, and use a multimeter to test whether the power supply line of the control board has 12v. If there is no 12V, replace the power supply.

7. If there is 12V, disconnect the power supply, and re-plug the power cord and voltage regulator line of the control board. If the original fault is still present, replace the control board.


8. The investigation is completed.

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