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Ⅰ.  First, the mining pool configuration of the mining machine has 3 items, mining address, miner name and password.


  • mining address, generally provided by the mining pool, if you can not find the corresponding mining pool can consult customer service.


  • Miner name, which is the sub-account registered with the mining pool.


  • password, this is optional, empty or randomly filled in does not affect the mining.


Ⅱ. There are 3 configuration options for the mining machine, namely, mining pool 1, mining pool 2, and mining pool 3, as shown in the figure below.


  • Why does the miner configuration have 3 mining pools?

In fact, when we mine normally, only one pool is used, and two of the 3 pools of the miner are spare. When the miner is turned on, it will first use pool 1, and when pool 1 is connected abnormally, it will switch to pool 2, and when pool 2 is abnormal, it will switch to pool 3.

  • Then how to fill in these 3?

General mining pool, will give 3 mining address, just copy directly. Disadvantage, when the mining pool itself is abnormal, the mine will shut down.

The first two mining pools fill in the main mining pool, mining pool 3 fill in a different mining pool. Compared to 1, the miner will only shut down if both mining pools are abnormal at the same time. The disadvantage is that you need to register to manage two mining pools. But it is recommended to fill this method, refer to the following chart.


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