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Before submitting your repair request please follow the below instructions carefully as most repairs can be fixed easily. 

The current climate repairs and sending miners back to manufacturer takes longer than usual.  So we want to make sure we got all our bases covered and we thank you for trying.

1. Follow instructions

Please make sure you follow the instructions included with your miner. Don’t do custom installs or alternations other than recommended. Also make sure the location for the miner has no dust, humitity, sufficient internet 20mpbs upload, and sufficient cooling.

2. Disconnect your miner(s)

Disconnect your miner(s) and check all wiring. Plugin everything in again.Please check what is working and not working.

– Does the lights turn on? What color do they have?
– Do the fans start working?
– Do you see anything out of place? If so contact us by chat.

3. Log on your miner

Please log on to your miner using a computer or laptop. Please use issued login information. Check your hashrate and make sure you firewall isn’t blocking your miner to access the internet. Additionally please change your password after first use.

4. Update/ reset your miner

Please try to update your miner first. If you already done so please reset your miner and follow steps 1,2 and 3. Also check and download your “log”.

Press the button below if your miner(s) are not working.

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