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Fraud Alert

About Fraud Alert
Report a Scam!
Scam Website Directory

With the rise of Bitcoin and Altcoins, more and more scam websites emerge. Unfortunately, many scam websites use 123Miners brand, website elements, addresses, contact information, and other content to lure people to buy crypto miners through them.

We have invested a lot of resources to build up our reputation and brand. That’s why we are making an effort to prevent our customers and visitors from making purchases from scam websites.

On this page, you can see an overview of a list of verified miners’ scam websites.

IMPORTANT: 123Miners only handles orders on the official website and NOT on SOCIAL MEDIA.


Report a Scam site!

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Scam Website Directory

  • Eu-miners.com
  • Minerseu.com
  • Minersdepo.com
  • Minersgarden.com
  • Cryptominersoutlet.com
  • Asicminerhub.com
  • Krasminer.com
  • Cryptoasic.com
  • Cryptominersoutlet.com
  • Bitminersplus.com
  • Britishminers.com
  • Antminermarket.com
  • Cheapmining.net
  • Arcticminers.com
  • Bitcoinminerstore.com
  • shop.bitmain.uk.com
  • Asicminersale.com
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