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Whether you are new to crypto mining or have some experience, we have the best crypto mining experts & industry partners to help you on your way Talk to an Expert or download the Beginners guide.

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We have a strong commitment to help other operators with a reliable supplychain it doesn’t matter if you looking for a bulk order or that you are a Wholereseller. We got your back. Learn more

Refurbished Bitmain S19 Antminer & ASIC Miners Now Available!

It’s difficult to find good-priced S19 Bitcoin miners or other ASIC miners in this volatile market. Currently, there is a huge demand and not enough stock available. We recommend taking a look at refurbished miners.

Need new S19 Bitcoin miners or other ACIS miners?

In the current market asic miner prices like S19 Bitcoin miners change daily or even hourly. Please check with us the current price and we are happy to find you a good deal on any new miners. In some cases we ask you to join our waitinglist as stock is sold out fast.

Make your own crypto coins in 3 simple steps

Because the prices in the crypto mining industry change daily we don’t show prices on our website. In order to get the latest ASIC miners prices please “Request a Quote”.
We recommend following the three steps stated below, to start your crypto mining journey through

What coin do you want to mine?
Select miner(s) or package(s)
Complete purchase

What coins do you wish to mine?

Selecting the right coin to mine really depends on a few key factors.

  1. Your short or long-term strategy.
  2. Price of miners (Hardware).
  3. Performance & energy usage of miners (Efficiency).
  4. The difficulty of mining.
  5. The future value of the coin you want to mine.

Buy miners or Cloudmining?

There are two main ways to create your own crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The first option is to start with

  • crypto mining; where you buy your hardware.
    and the other option is start with,
  • cloud mining where you buy hashrate. (Currently all Cloud Mining packages are sold out)

Complete your purchase

After you selected your coin and mining method we suggest that you  Request a Quote for the latest price and availability. Our team will provide an accurate price as prices fluctate daily pending demand, availability and Bitcoin price.

Before you make an order we recommend that you check out our Preparation page or Talk to an expert.

Important: We don't show prices on our website as the market and availability is to volitile and prices can change from hour to hour or day to day. This way we insure we provide you with the best and most accurate price.

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The story of Bitcoin and other disruptive technologies

The story of Bitcoin and other disruptive technologies

Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto have been among us for over ten years. And while to some, it may seem like the technology hasn’t seen mainstream adoption yet, looking at other technologies in the past, we can state we are still early in crypto.

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Bitcoin’s energy consumption: 3 important perspectives

Bitcoin’s energy consumption: 3 important perspectives

Almost as old as Bitcoin is the discussion about the network’s energy consumption. Enormous amounts of electricity are consumed to mine BTC. But is this justified? In this article, you find three important perspectives in this discussion that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Meet us at Booth 44 @MiningDisrupt

Mining Disrupt Conference is the premier digital asset summit of the world focusing on in-depth blockchain enterprise-level solutions and cryptocurrency mining.

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