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Cloud Mining

We currently we are working on developing “Cloud Mining” options for our clients with our partners. If you wish to be put on the waiting list please complete the form on this page. Please also read the following page: Self mining Vs Cloud mining.

Select Between Cloud Mining & Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Mining?
What is Cloud Hosting?
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What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is a hands-off way of earning cryptocurrency by renting computing power from third-party sources. Getting started in cloud mining requires none of the setup that regular cryptocurrency mining does. You don’t have to buy specialized hardware, store it anywhere or pay for electricity bills. Instead, you have to pick a successful cloud mining pool, rent some hardware from it and wait until the mining pool generates digital assets.

What is Cloud/Managed Hosting?

Clients enjoy the price advantage of bulk purchase of mining machines and low-cost hosting services, all in one solution.

Our partners are responsible for the ALL in one service (mining machine purchase, transportation, operation and maintenance, computing power management, Service Fee payment, etc.). While you remain ownership of the miners without the headaches of tranditional crypto mining.

A service fee will only be charged after the user recovers the cost, and before that no service fee will be charged. So it’s basically a profit share after the client has earned back its initial hardware purchase investment.

Join our Waiting List

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If you need help please advise the following pages Preparation page or Talk to an expert.

Additional  “Terms and Conditions” apply for this service please read them carefully or contact support to anwser your questions.

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