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3 Tips to keep your miners safe


In the crypto world taking care of your own and your data’s safety is very important. In this month’s tip, we would like to give several tips that will help you improve the safety of your funds with regard to cryptocurrency mining.
    1. We recommend to use 2-factor authentication (2FA) on all your devices, miners and network. 2FA adds an extra layer to your login process. Especially when logging into your mining pool account this comes in handy. After you have filled in your login information, you will be asked to verify the login attempt through a secondary channel. This can be, for example, your smartphone. This way, a hacker can’t access your account with just your login credentials.
    2. Always update your mining rigs with the official firmware that the manufacturer, such as Bitmain, supplies. Using third-party firmware may give bad actors access to your miners. Don’t be deceived by promises of increased efficiency, always stick to the official firmware!
    3. Once you receive your new ASIC miner, always change the standard login credentials. The miner is pre-installed with simple login information so that you can log in and install the machine. However, after you have finalized the installation you should always change at least the password into something that is hard to guess and only you know. Also, change your password regularly and don’t use the same password on many different platforms.

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